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Virtusa Solutions is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions that help companies optimize and improve the quality of their operations. Backed by a highly skilled services team with several years of domain and technology experience, we are able to architect and implement projects for our customers resulting in increased agility, flexibility and increased competitiveness at a lower cost.

Application Development

Increased competition, demand for new products, and ever-changing consumer demands have created new IT challenges for companies requiring them to leverage advanced technologies to improve operational efficiencies and at the same time reduce the total cost of ownership of their existing applications. In other words, they have to strike a delicate balance between maintaining legacy applications and quickly adopting new technologies in order to meet the business needs of the company.

We help corporations address these challenges by delivering highly efficient, customized Application Development and Management services that incorporate the client’s processes and methodologies into our processes.

Performance and Security

Success or failure of a project is determined by the ability of the software system to scale well and satisfy adequately the transaction volume without unacceptable delay. With companies moving towards component based Service Oriented Architectures and the many layers that the transaction has to go through, performance has become a key aspect of all software projects. Given the complexities of modern architecture, CPU power and memory capacity alone does not ensure high performance. The architecture, design, implementation has to be sound to ensure that application is scalable. Our performance improvements services takes a total look at the architecture, design, implementation and deployment of an application to ensure that the users don’t experience unacceptable delays.

We help corporations set performance goals and work with them to reach the goals. We have methodologies and best practices to look at the performance issue in a methodical way and eliminate performance bottlenecks.